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have more information on how to beat the heat coming up. all right. we have all that and much more coming in on this tuesday morning. i want to thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. big story is the heat. we -- the big story is the heat. sherrie johnson will have a live report but we have team coverage and we start with meteorologist justin berk. >> yesterday we hit 93 but the heat index at the airport was up to 100. we will crank it up a little bit today and not see this widespread outbreak of storm. they erupted yesterday afternoon through the evening a dozen or so wind reports. some peep report -- people reporting a possible tornado and there was a warning in harford county but nothing coming in on the storm reports from the storm prediction center. still a chance of storms today but it's going to be all about the heat. we have got variable cloudy skies and a warm muggy morning
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and a disturbance may burst showers in the chesapeake. we are watching to see if some develop over the next two hours. otherwise temperatures mid-70s to near 80 pushing 97 the two degree guaranteed high. that comes with a heat index of 105. 97 would tie a record for the date and drop the heat and humidity slightly tomorrow. we will talk more about that coming. right now, to the road we go. here tonya. >> reporter: good morning. we have no problems to report on the baltimore washington parkway. we are doing okay 95 out of white marsh. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side, 695 at wilkins, we are moving well. outer loop has heavier traffic. two incidents going on in carroll county. we have an accident 30 southbound at business, police directing traffic. and in howard county 95 southbound at 175 for an accident there. megan. >> thanks. there's an amber alert this morning a boy has been abducted in baltimore city. we want to get to abc2 news linda so who is on the story with what to look out for this
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morning to help police. linda. >> reporter: well, if you are about to hit the road, be on the lookout for a light green newer model ford towerous. police say 8-year-old darrick charles bound was -- brown was taken by someone in the car e was walking with a group of friends in the 300 block of gwynne avenue around 6:30 last night. witnesses say the green taurus that looks similar to this one, suddenly stopped and there were two people in the car. one of them got out and grabbed him and threw him in the trunk before speeding away. he was last seen wearing a black shirt with a red and white rocket on the front and black shorts. if you've seen the boy or the light green newer model ford taurus call 911 or 410-396- 2100. we are following the story online at if you go to the main page and click on the first story of the slide show it's there. all the information is there
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regarding the amber alert. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. a sykesville man is behind bars accused of kidnapping his girlfriend's son. the man you see there turned himself in about a week after the incident occurred. they say he took the boy last week but later in the day dropped him off at a nursing home. terrell is held without bail in the carroll county detention center. an update on a gas leak we told you about last night. it's been fixed and the interstate 270 is back open and running. work on the leak continued through the night but officials didn't expect any problems for the drivers during this morning's commute. construction workers served the 8 -- severed the 8-inch gas main at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. both lanes on the interstate were closed and businesses and local commercial beltways had to be evacuated as well. the grand prix is less than two months away. and if you have driven in the
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city past few months, you've seen the construction that may have slowed you down. city official want to assure you the city won't be closed for the grand prix race over the labor day weekend. july 25th you will see the barriers go up. road closings won't start until the night of august 29th. 100,000 people are expected and that's going to add to all the congestion. however, those in charge say the benefit of hosting the grand prix will be worth it. there will be three planned public meetings about the race. if you want more information, we have everything you need to know. head to and look under top stories for more information. the air conditioning may be a great idea with the temperatures soaring near 100. keep yourself safe if you don't have the ac at your disposa and we have sent out sherrie johnson at a cooling sent wert information you need to stay cool. >> reporter: hey, baltimore city public schools made the
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decision to close summer classes today. no school for students and staff because of the heat. many of the classrooms don't have ac. so it's not a good idea to be there today. once again, baltimore city public schools have closed for today because of the high heat. let me tell you. keeping cool is a priority and that's the name of the game today. we are here live in north baltimore at one of the cooling centers. and this is certainly a place for you to head to cool off. now because of the high temperatures and potential danger, we are still under a code red heat alert which means staying cool is very important. baltimore city will open emergency cooling centers today. each senter will have cool air and free water available for folksch the community action program will operate 5 centers around the city and we caught up with people around the area finding different ways to beat the heat. >> it's hot. definitely. i came from work and forgot to pack anything that was cooler. but my bottle of water and i was good. he was doing the work. >> doing all the work.
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>> reporter: did you take water breaks? >> yeah like three or four. >> hour and half right? >> yeah. >> reporter: well the cooling centers will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the hot temperatures can be deadly. baltimore city reported two heat related deaths so far this summer. both victims were elderly. it's a good idea for you to check on your friends, your family and the elderly to make sure people are safe during the hot temperatures. and also if you would like more information, go to and go to the home page and click on the slide show under the hot weather guide there's list of the cooling centers and location and times they are open. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> 6 minutes after 6 right now. today new efforts to pass a marriage equality bill happening in our state. maryland marriage equality advocates lay nouns a launch of a broad campaign to push for the passage of civil marriage a bill for the 2012 legislation session. now, they will make an announcement this morning that will happen at 11 at baltimore
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city hall. we will keep you posted. and members of the african american community will meet with a superintendent of schools for anne arundel county. this is all to discuss a recent complaint that was filed about the treatment of african american students in the public school system. the president of the anne arundel county naacp wrote a leter to the u.s. education department and in that letter said that african american students were denied equal education opportunities and disciplineed differently than other students. hollywood casinos may be striking it rich but the town of perryville has not seen its share of the jackpot yet. that puts a building a new police department and baseball field on hold. the casino turned over more than 4 million dollars to cecil county. perryville's mayor says the county agreed to a 65-35 split in slots revenue but now the county say tempting to treat that money as a grant which would expire in three years. so far, the town has not seen any of the cash. >> he think some residents feel
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they were sold a bill of good and some parties whether it's the county or state are reneging on promises made. >> town officials appealed tolottery commission. county officials are not happy and saying the town leaders have apaid to -- appealed to everyone but them. we have seen our fair share of water main breaks but this one takes the cake. >> yeah. tens of thousands of people waking up without any water after a in they water main break covered several city blocks. >> and lighting up can be hardener howard county. what changes could come making the toughest smoking ban in the state of maryland. and this guy has guts. asking out a gorgeous movie star i would say is harder than asking out a stranger. we will find out if it paid o but first we will head up to new york for a look at the latest business news happening this morning. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, amazon
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fights back. the online retailing giant wants california to force internet merchants to collect sales tax for the golden state. amazon filed a petition for a referendum on the issue. a survey says mercedes benz dealerships treat customers the best. jaguar and lexus were almost as good and the top nonluxury dealers sold crylers ram trucks and toyota. washington is now the only state without its tourism bureau and government funding for promotion. tourism is the fourth largest industry in the state and has been increasing at least until now. and it seems no good deed is untaxed. fan who caught derek jete are's 3,000 hit ball return it and he was offered season tickets and more. now tax experts say that he may have to pay tax on those items. and that's america's money. i amingy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." okay let's being honest. most of us will not put on a cape or draw a scar on the forehead until friday. yeah. but a few lucky fans got to see the final installment of the harry potter saga thanks to z104 and abc2. we spoke with dressed up fans for the special sneak peek in columbia. >> been to all the movies dressing up and got the tattoo and everything, posters. my room is decked out. so i am a die-hard fan. >> i am ready but sad at the same time. >> we will always keep going. and if you have the website potter more. >> what tattoo? we don't know which tattoo? harry potter and the death lyely halos opens every where friday. there's going to be a midnight showing thursday but you may want to get your tickets right
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now. check out the gibson theater and arundel mills with 18 showings around midnight. every one is sold out and also terry thanking us for the tickets last night. congratulations to you. hope you had a good time. water main break in louiville is affecting 75,000 people. that's a water main break. the line broke last nightcovering several blocks in waist deep water. look at this. the fire department even had to bray boat on stand by in case -- bring a boat on stand by in case they needed to rescue someone. no rescues or injuries reported. and in it's hot across the -- and it's road in oklahoma caused the road to buckle. the turnpike authority says it's not unusual for the concrete to buckle when it gets this hot and stays this hot especially as recently as the temperatures hanging around 110 for several days in a row. it's impossible to predict when something like this will ever happen. so officials say they have
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inspectors on the road every day look for what they refer to as hot spots. justin. and we have been debating whether the guy who claimed to jump 150 feet off that with his vehicle is that right? 150 feet. >> on a motorcycle. >> he claimed 150 feet and we are waiting for the knievel family to verify that. in honor of harry potter's premier, maybe that's why we had so many lightning pictures. this one from kevin novak in harford county. we have to share a couple others. sarah williams continues to impress us with the fish eye lens i love this shot from bel air and we have one more to show you from chesapeake beach. april hill thanks for that over our fine waterways last night as we are checking out basically storms that blew through a dozen or so wind reports. check this one out in mount airy. it's been my energy surge this morning watching the storms last nightcap touring them across the area.
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and this picture here is what some people had believed to be a tornado. this is a scud cloud. and this is low level moisture and a pocket of cool air that lingers behind the storm. more prominent around valley location near rivers and also in the mountainous regions but that's very impressive. maybe scarry for some in mount airy. this morning mount airy, 76 degrees. same story glen burnie and annapolis. we factor in the humidity, in the upper 70s to near 806789 feels like 82 -- 80. feels like 82 in annapolis. 77 towards westminster. cockeysville and churchville not much better. a clust of storms is diving down. we will be watching a warm muggy start to the day. a chance that some energy bumping into the mugginess could erupt showers next couple hours. we will watch for a flare-up during the morning. we will see variable cloudy skies and a chance of storms trying to fire up as we head
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into the afternoon. i believe after we get any chance this morning out here, it is going to be around the chesapeake and eastern shore because we will be watching the front trying to slide through to the area and enact on what is left there across the delmarva. slight chance of showers later today and this evening. then we drop humidity and will ilprove the setup heading through the next few days. 1051 what it feels like. 97 ties a record. the two degree guaranteed high with a slight chance of storms and the heat advisory. 70 overnight. 90s tomorrow but less humidity. 80s thursday and friday and saturday just nice. how about the traffic. is it nice? ed. >> i getting nicer. >> okay. >> at least a little -- it's getting nicer. >> okay. >> at least a little bit. let's look at the beltway at liberty road. no problems to report here. we are getting increasing volume. that's the outer loop over the right. inner loop with the oncoming traffic. still a pretty bad accident in hamp sten 30 southbound at
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business 30 near the traffic circle. one southbound lane is opened. police are there directing traffic. megan. health news this morning, where you get treatment is important. however, the call the of your -- quality of your care depends on the month of year. it's called the july effect. you see july is when doctors in training and teaching hospitals rotate out for new assignments. so they are replaced by less experienced doctors. a new study finds increased patient mortality longer hospital stays and longer surgical times happen in july compared to the rest of the year. to protect patients, some hospitals keep the best attending physicians on duty throughout the month of july to ease into the transition. tomorrow howard county could become the first county in the state to ban smoking in tobacco products in all county parks a news conference is planned for one tomorrow. county executive ken ullman will make the announcement. all parks 57 of them the properties in the county will
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go smoke free. so the fight against obesity is being waged on kids under 5. the british government issued guidelines on monday saying kids under the age of 5 including those who can't even walk yet should exercise every day. it's the first guidelines for the kids that young. the health department says kids under 5 who can walk should be physically active for at least three hours each day. my question is for those who can't walk, what are they supposed to do? check this out. a duck in florida has been walking around with a blow dart in his head for three weeks a woman who feeds the duck says she has been calling wildlife agencies to rescue the animal. they tried to capture the bird, but so far, has been he has been too -- he has been too fat for the net. some guys have trouble asking a girl out at a bar if they want a drink or maybe if you want to dance at a prom. one guy took his request to youtube. >> i love this story. you may have heard of her she
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has a movie coming out next week. take a look. >> [audio not understandable] i am sergeant moore and you can call me scott i want to invite you to the marine corps ball in greenville north carolina. take a second and think about it and get back to me. bye now. >> she did think about it and she did get back to him. this lucky guy is going to have a date with the gorgeous mila she will be on his arm when he shows up at the marine corps ball. the friend with benefits star is promoting her new movie with costar justin timberlake. when she accepted an invitation sergeant moore posted the video on youtube last month. eye pays to have guts sometimes. >> yeah. a lot of guts. >> it worked. most of us we head to amiewnsment parks for the thrill of the ride, but this one put riders nerves to task. >> hanging how high for how long? what six flags had to say when one ride gave people a run for their money.
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also chinese researchers are searching to arherd of antelope. they are trying to track how they are evading radar. while wearing tracking devices. that's a smart group of antelope. time to say happy birthday to you celebrating. michael celebrated yesterday. happy belated birthday. if you have interesting photographs to share, pets, anniversaries, whatever you, maybe you've seen the antelope, morning show at and include the facts so we can get it right when we share it with the state. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we will be right back. ♪
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and even negotiation points to help you get a better deal. only at lendingtree. looking at news from around the world. dominic strauss-kahn's court date is moved to august 1st. prosecutors are still trying to determine if they are going to drop the charges. a sexual assault or continue with the case. the former head of the imf is accused of trying to rape a
6:24 am
maid as she cleaned his room in may. since then, the house keep are's credibility has been questioned. dominic strauss-kahn plead not guilty and is free on his own recould go dance. a hearing will decide whether a reality producer accused of killing his wife should be extradited to mexico. he is in a l.a. jail and wants his daughter to testify at an extradition hearing. daughter stayed in the same hotel room where police say he strangled his wife. u.s. attorney's office in l.a. office objects for the girl being called as witness. 6:24. us a trail yea liquor industry launched a volume-tarry program to label products with health warnings. the move is possibly aimed at preempting future criticism that alcohol makers are contributing to a growing problem of excessive drinking which is part of a natural
6:25 am
culture. it will be aimed at teens and pregnant women. television shows and phillips that -- film that make tracking animals look so easy, but a group of researchers in china are having a hard time catching up with 8 antilopes from tibet. they are equipped with gps devices so researchers can follow the routine activities. however, nearly a week into the research, researchers said they had to spot the animals and the antelope are doing a good job mixing among the tens of thousands of peers. however, all is not lost. the researchers say they have been able to learn about theherd while searching for the run aways. >> the antilopes are going stealth. >> exactly. >> under the radar. >> they know where to hide. >> you know how i feel about the animal revolution. >> i do. >> keep it real. >> it is real. here's question for parents. how would you feel if a restaurant went through thest of banning your child from joining you for dinner. >> a pennsylvania restaurant is catching flak for this. but why are they doing it and
6:26 am
will it change? can anything change their mind? one fan goes the distance for a fly ball. thankfully, he had his buddies there to back him up and those guys here we go. they had good reflections. we will show you when "good morning maryland" returns. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat. they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed.
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now "good morning maryland." a terrified family waits for news. an amber alert issued after the 8-year-old was thrown into the trunk of a -- trunk of a car. what they are, are taxes on our job creators. >> a maryland congressman is fuming this morning at president obama. the compromise that he is not willing to make. hot across the u.s. hot times. summer in the city. temperatures keep going up. where you can go to stay cool on this tuesday, and it's tuesday, july 12th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. charley said it. hot yesterday and it's

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